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La Piazza

La Piazza is renowned for its authentic, refined Italian cuisine. Our talented Italian chef uses the freshest, tastiest ingredients to create delicious dishes that will delight your taste buds. From fresh homemade pastas to creamy risottos, seafood specialties and meat specialties, every bite is a culinary journey to Italy.

Barbarasa Gin

The taste of Barbarasa gin is full and balanced, the result of a recipe featuring 13 botanicals in addition to juniper, designed down to the last detail to make every sip a pleasurable experience. As you sip it, you’ll be carried away by the citrus notes of fresh lemon and grapefruit peel, mingling with the

Beldi Corner

Beldi corner, is the ambassador of the Moroccan dress par excellence, it is there where you will find any kind of traditional dress of the Jellabas, Caftans for all your events; Combining the traditional with the last tendencies of the international fashion, Beldi corner offers you the best combination which guarantees you a voyage in


RIFAI, A LEBANESE HOUSE OF EXCEPTIONAL NUTS, DRIED FRUIT AND SEEDS. Specialists in the art of roasting dried fruit since 1948, our company helps the Lebanese rediscover dried fruit in all its complexity and nuances of flavour and texture. We produce a range of authentic, top-quality nuts and seeds that offer unique flavours every time.


ANEMOS is the leading retail company for home textiles in Greece, well known for the diversity of modern and classical designs in high quality standards, and the availability also of “made to measure” products for all homes. Production takes place mainly in Athens, Greece with specialized equipment, such as machines for digital printing and machines

Chahd Store

Chahd presents authentic creations made by talented Moroccan craftsmen, combining traditional skills with contemporary design. Magnificent hand-woven Berber rugs, superbly decorated tableware, delicate jewellery and many other items will take you on a magical journey through the craftsmen and their skills.

Perle du Desert

Welcome to Perle du Désert, a family-run business where the art of Moroccan patisserie comes to life! Their business was born out of a passion for the sweet, fragrant delights that characterise Moroccan gastronomy. It’s a love affair with Moroccan cuisine and an invitation to share a delicious moment with your loved ones. Join them

Maison Lc

A new discovery in the world of jewellery is Maison LC Monaco, which not only offers beautiful, high-quality jewellery, but also reusable packaging in the shape of a can, which they call “the jewellery can”. These are systematically offered when you buy your jewellery at www.maisonlc.com and come in a range of trendy designs!

Berber Designers

Berber Designers is a company specialising in Berber handcrafted and ethnic decoration based on an eco-responsible and socially responsible business model. It was with this in mind that our cooperative of weavers in the Moroccan Middle Atlas was born in 2017. Today, they work with more than 20 weavers and other craftspeople (potters, basket makers,

Mr One Teas

Self-taught, he developed his artistic apprenticeship through travel, encounters and exchanges. Over the years, Mr OneTeas has become a true ambassador for recycling, giving new life to obsolete materials and consumer objects. The importance of the medium is paramount. “These objects and materials are an integral part of our evolution, and he recovers and transforms