Italy -

Barbarasa Gin

The taste of Barbarasa gin is full and balanced, the result of a recipe featuring 13 botanicals in addition to juniper, designed down to the last detail to make every sip a pleasurable experience. As you sip it, you’ll be carried away by the citrus notes of fresh lemon and grapefruit peel, mingling with the

Olio Ansaldi

Ansaldi produces only extravirgin olive oil from olives of the Taggiasca variety. The olive groves are situated mostly in the municipality of Lucinasco and some in the municipality of Borgomaro in the hills beigne Imperia. The company is run by the family so great care is taken with every details: from the harvest of the

Andrew Vianello

Andrew lives and works between Paris, Milan and Venice. In Paris since September 2015, he started working on brand, “Profilo” as art director while following marketing development. The collection is produced in Venice, and is made from metal wire of both decorative and utilitarian objects for the home. To complete Andrew’s know-how, he has a