Morocco -

Beldi Corner

Beldi corner, is the ambassador of the Moroccan dress par excellence, it is there where you will find any kind of traditional dress of the Jellabas, Caftans for all your events; Combining the traditional with the last tendencies of the international fashion, Beldi corner offers you the best combination which guarantees you a voyage in

Chahd Store

Chahd presents authentic creations made by talented Moroccan craftsmen, combining traditional skills with contemporary design. Magnificent hand-woven Berber rugs, superbly decorated tableware, delicate jewellery and many other items will take you on a magical journey through the craftsmen and their skills.

Perle du Desert

Welcome to Perle du Désert, a family-run business where the art of Moroccan patisserie comes to life! Their business was born out of a passion for the sweet, fragrant delights that characterise Moroccan gastronomy. It’s a love affair with Moroccan cuisine and an invitation to share a delicious moment with your loved ones. Join them

Berber Designers

Berber Designers is a company specialising in Berber handcrafted and ethnic decoration based on an eco-responsible and socially responsible business model. It was with this in mind that our cooperative of weavers in the Moroccan Middle Atlas was born in 2017. Today, they work with more than 20 weavers and other craftspeople (potters, basket makers,

Silya Cosmetic

The SILYA Cosmetic brand was created after several years of research, and their Director has sailed the seas like Marco Polo to bring you a complete range of organic, vegan and natural cosmetic products from Italy, Spain, Morocco, the United States, Israel, Asia, Africa and India, as well as accessories, accessible to all women. SILYA

Rosa Damaskina

Located in the Rose Valley region, in the town of Tinghir, the Rosa Damaskina cooperative specialises in the production and marketing of perfume roses and other by-products.

Dalinda Ghoul

Dalinda follows the codes of modern simplicity in the world of fashion design, always trying to blend the antiquity of the Arab world with its authentic touch and the modernity of European fashion with her own daring touch, to create her own fashion, and this is what has earned her the trust of many Arab

Rue Majorelle

Rue Majorelle is a Moroccan crafts shop based in Saint Tropez. Wickerwork, ceramics and tapestry all come together in one place. Renowned for its richness, diversity and ancestral know-how. Rue Majorelle is committed to maintaining the ethics of the handmade. Working with small craftsmen from the four corners of Morocco, each piece is unique and