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RIFAI, A LEBANESE HOUSE OF EXCEPTIONAL NUTS, DRIED FRUIT AND SEEDS. Specialists in the art of roasting dried fruit since 1948, our company helps the Lebanese rediscover dried fruit in all its complexity and nuances of flavour and texture. We produce a range of authentic, top-quality nuts and seeds that offer unique flavours every time.

Yummy Bak‘Orient

Mariza, the young entrepreneur and creator of Yummy Bak’ Orient, brings you her homemade Baklavas. Proud of its dual culture, Yummy Bak’ Orient is a family business offering a new concept made in Marseille. These little morsels are presented to you like jewels in a jewellery box as a gift for your taste buds.They offer


In a few words, they are the first to offer low-sugar ice cream with a uniquely smooth and elastic texture. They invite you to taste their Hamov artisanal Lebanese ice cream, which has been worked and made for 3 generations. Michelin-starred chef Alan Geamm was also involved in finding the balance between each product to


As a young girl, @cynthiasarkisperros immersed herself in the captivating treasures of her father’s antique shops at the elegant Phoenicia Hotel of Beirut, playing with BARBIES amid a world of celebrities, luxury brands, fashion, art, and antique wonders. Each unique object held its own captivating story and mysterious past, igniting Cynthia’s passion and curiosity even

Georges Cheikh

Georges Cheikh, a musician specialising in Arabic and heritage music, was born in Lebanon in 1992. After studying civil engineering, he decided to devote himself to his passion for traditional Lebanese music. Today, he stands out as a talented craftsman, passionately making the buzuq, the emblematic instrument of his country.

929 Design

Introducing the 929Design Concept Store, an immersive fashion destination where style takes center stage. “A World of Fashion” where our jewelry collection dazzles with silver, gold, and rose gold plating, with chosen gemstones. At 929Design Concept Stor, they are renowned for their expertise in layering styles, allowing you to effortlessly elevate your look with stunning

W. Salamoons & Sons

For over a century, W.Salamoon & Sons, a renowned Lebanese jewelry brand, has crafted awe-inspiring jewelry with 18k gold, exquisite diamonds, and olored gemstones. Empowering women to shine InsideOut, their extraordinary designs captivate admirers worldwide. From bridal to everyday pieces, their raftsmanship shines through four generations. Their latest collection, Arctic Splendors, reflects their commitment to

Maggie Baroud

Maggie Baroud is a Lebanese fashion designer, her creativity journey started 27 years ago. She uses semi precious stones and 18 Kt gold plated.She believes that every morning has its own mood and every mood has its own creation.


Each and every one of Ecaille’s pieces are carefully hand-crafted,with the highest quality fabric. Perfect, for the modern woman, with designs inspired by street-style looks and trendy yet timeless cuts to fit any and all tastes. Each piece is ethically produced in Lebanon, and provides income to women affected by the socio-economic crisis affecting them.

By Carole Faddoul

It all started in Carole’s village, in the cradle of the Quadisha Valley in Lebanon. Sitting on her grand mother’s lap, she learned to crochet. Over the years, they’ve built a team of 14 empowered Lebanese women. Handmade, with love by Carole Faddoul