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ANEMOS is the leading retail company for home textiles in Greece, well known for the diversity of modern and classical designs in high quality standards, and the availability also of “made to measure” products for all homes. Production takes place mainly in Athens, Greece with specialized equipment, such as machines for digital printing and machines

Hellenic Community of Monaco

The Hellenic Community of Monaco was created for all members, who want to exchange views, ideas, information about life in Monaco, social and professional life and to promote Greek values to both Greeks and friends of Greece. The Hellenic Community of Monaco will remain faithful to its guiding principle and will highlight Greek culture by


Boutique brokerage office established in 2012 and headquartered in Monaco, Entropia Yachting goes beyond pure sales and charter. Our expertise includes eco-friendly solutions, physical art, NFTs, yacht transportation, tenders and toys.


Zoe Keros is a globe trotter & a style enthusiast based in Athens & New York. She transformed her specialization in fashion and entrepreneurship to pioneer hand-painted jackets with powerful messages, distinctive textures, and style.  Much like the designer herself, ZoeK is fun, vibrant and brimming with energy. Her personality undoubtedly shows through each clothing piece.


Faos is a rising Greek sunglasses brand that provides the market with a fresh, nuanced approach to the Greek experience. Inspired by their country’s known and unknown beauties, their vision is to promote them to the whole world, as well as to create a deeper connection and understanding with compatriots and other people living in

Liana Vourakis

Liana Vourakis is a third generation of a family of jewellers which has dominated the Greek market since 1926. Her work , through her deep knowledge of the world of classical jewellery is adorned with beautiful precious and semi-precious stones, often hinting at an inner search for the meaning of myths and fairytales . Along


YellowKorner promotes art photography among a wide audience by making it accessible to everyone. All Photos are limited edition, numbered and attached with a certificate of authenticity. Promoting famous artists and new talent by encouraging creativity. Their Laboratory ensures you a unique and traditionnal craftmanship with silver print mounted on aluminium.


The concept was born during the pandemic, by the creative entrepreneur Sophia Vaharis Tsouvelekakis the trial of altering old and used garments (shirts, skirts, scarves, etc) by turning them into pillows or table napkins grew up to an activity focusing in unique, hand-crafted, and customized elegant accessories for home and yachts.